Self-Paced, Fun & Informative

  • Weekly Progress Report

    A timeline is included as well as weekly progress reports to help remind and keep scouts on track. This course consists of approximately 5 hours worth of lessons for use over the course of 1-2 weeks or at your convenience.

  • Art Lessons

    Course includes various art appreciation lessons, six different art techniques to pick from: pencil, ink, watercolor or acrylics & oil or dry pastels. Scouts receive step-by-step art lessons as offered in Ms. Mucha's weekly LIVE Group and On-Demand lessons. A scout promo code is offered at the end of completion if interested in attending the LIVE weekly group art lessons.

  • E-mail Policy

    The email provided at registration receives the weekly automated art merit badge progress reports, and zoom reminders for Individual Wrap-Up meeting. REQUIRED: Scouts must CC a Guardian or a Leader on all emails sent to Ms. Mucha.

Explore four different art materials of your choice.

Scouts receive Step-by-Step Conservation Minded Art Lessons. Click below technique for more supply tips info.

Course curriculum

  1. Course Info/Timeline

  2. Req.1: What is Art

  3. Req. 2: Elements of Art

  4. Req. 3: Principles of Design

  5. Req. 4: Exploring FOUR different art materials.

  6. Req. 5: Design Something Useful

About this course

  • $10.00
  • 25 lessons


Complete Required Step 1

Step 1: REQUIRED - ALL Scouts must have Scoutmaster approval to begin working on this badge. Step 2: ENROLL - Scouts gain access to a Self-Paced Course.  A Guardian must be present for Individual wrap-up video conf. meeting(s) and a guardian's email must be provided when registering with a scout email for use on email communications. Step 3: SELECT - Sandra Mucha as your Art Merit Badge Counselor in SCOUTBOOK to receive credit for this course - OR- A BSA Identification No. Is required to email the completed blue card pdf file.


  • How long do we have to complete the course?

    No Deadline!! Scouts BSA members receive a timeline that helps to plan a for 1-2 week completion rate. A automated progress report is emailed each Sunday until completed. Scouts are required to watch the initial orientation and to book a 15 min wrap - up video conference with a guardian present. Scout appointments are offered each Wednesday Evening.

  • Are previous drawing and painting lessons required?

    Previous art lessons are not required. You will be guided with self-paced pre-recored lessons, and how to use your materials with confidence. I love teaching and creating from my art studio, while helping students build their art skills and knowledge.

  • Are art supplies included?

    Supplies are not included. Explore a variety of 2-D mediums such as pastels, watercolors, and illustration with markers on cardstock or watercolor paper. Complete Art Supply list available with online course.

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My daughter took Ms. Mucha's class. So good!!! Ms. Mucha was great and is a professional in the Art world, PRICELESS!

My son took this Merit Badge class from Sandra and enjoyed it very much! Highly recommend! Our Scout takes a ton of online merit badges right now. This has been one of the most quality merit badges he has done!

Thank you for what your doing Sandra Mucha! For anyone trying to get all 138 merit badges or just textiles you need to work with her its super easy to use. I only had a slight issue with one of the requirements but I was able to understand a little bit later.

"Ms. Mucha provides a great escape virtually allowing my scout to stay on track with her professional step-by-step online course. We appreciate the weekly progress reports, and my scout really enjoyed the art appreciation and art lessons too!"

“Our Daughter is very much enjoying your class and cannot wait for more fun artwork! She continues drawing and coloring at home too.”

"Our son is doing well in your class, and he is very excited about sharing with us the projects he’s worked on. He’s even shown more (than previously), interest in working on projects at home."

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Scouts may enroll at anytime. Please note a different email is required per account when enrolling multiple scouts.

About your Instructor

Committee Member | WB 132 | YPT Certified | Merit Badge Counselor | Pack 2007, Richardson, TX

As an Artist & Art Instructor that happens to also be a scout leader with an operating studio and art gallery from home, I am excited to offer virtual art merit badges using a self paced step-by-step teaching format. Lessons are tailored to help scouts succeed, while guiding them in a friendly and secure virtual online course. **A guardian must be present during individual badge wrap-up meetings.**
Art Merit Badge Counselor, Arist Sandra Mucha, Dan Mucha, Cub Pack leader, Arrow of Light Scout