• LIVE Group Classes

    Join us each Monday afternoon where artist are inspired to take their creativity further, while practicing different art techniques

  • ON-DEMAND Art Lessons

    Life happens! If for some reason you are unable to attend your scheduled LIVE class, the recording is also available in your course curriculum shortly after each class.

  • Art Exploring for Scouts

    Scout BSA Members may select Ms. Mucha as their VIRTUAL ART MERIT BADGE Counselor and Guide. Learn how to look at art, explore different step-by-step techniques using pencil, ink, watercolors and pastels while earning their AMB.


Weekly lessons for young artist. Build confidence and creativity while exploring different fine art techniques. Join Sandra Mucha, Artist of Playful Perspectives, as your guide in creativity and learn how to take your ideas further using mixed medias.

Guiding Young Artist Nationwide & Beyond.

Current Reach: 20 States, Puerto Rico, and Counting!

Creating together thus far with over 18 states and Puerto Rico.


  • Are previous drawing and painting lessons required?

    You only need a passion for art making. Previous art lessons are not required. You will be guided with self-paced lessons and how to use your materials with confidence. I love teaching and creating with my students from my art studio, while helping them build their art skills and knowledge.

  • Are art supplies included?

    Supplies are not included. Explore a variety of 2-D mediums such as pastels, watercolors, and illustration with markers on cardstock or watercolor paper in our Art Explorers course. In our painting class students will need Acrylic supplies and canvas. See a complete Art Supply list with online selections available in each course.

  • When do I need to enroll to catch the next painting demo?

    Students may join at anytime and your membership will renew on that same day each month. The drawing lessons for use in the following Monday art session is available each Fri at 4pm. The LIVE painting demo is only offered on Mon and requires enrollment that Friday prior to the Monday LIVE Painting Made Easy Class.

  • What if I can not make the LIVE class?

    All classes are also available on-demand. Drawing Classes are prerecorded and avaliable each Friday by 4pm. Each precorded Painting Made Easy Lesson is available shortly after the Monday's LIVE session. Scouts BSA members are required to attend 15 min wrap - up video conference with a guardian present at their convenience. Scout appointments are offered based on availability Tues & Thurs between 4-6pm each week of AMB.


Our son re-emphasized recently that Ms. Mucha's lessons were incredibly engaging and included exciting projects that he felt like he could be successful with after watching your detailed videos. Remote teaching and learning is such a novel concept for kiddos his age, but she was able to inspire him to tackle a subject matter that he generally approaches with anxiety (he's more left-brained than right-brained). He believes that if he had taken your course prior to his Middle School Art class that he would have been less confused with the terminology and techniques introduced at that time and more able to focus on creating than being stressed by the need to create a "perfect" piece of artwork.

My daughter took Ms. Mucha's class. So good!!! Ms. Mucha was great and is a professional in the Art world, PRICELESS!

“Our Daughter is very much enjoying your class and cannot wait for more fun artwork! She continues drawing and coloring at home too.”

My son took this Merit Badge class from Sandra and enjoyed it very much! Highly recommend! Our Scout takes a ton of online merit badges right now. This has been one of the most quality merit badges he has done!

"Ms. Mucha provides a great escape virtually allowing my scout to stay on track with her professional step-by-step online course. We appreciate the weekly progress reports, and my scout really enjoyed the art appreciation and art lessons too!"

"Our son is doing well in your class, and he is very excited about sharing with us the projects he’s worked on. He’s even shown more (than previously), interest in working on projects at home."

Your Instructor : Sandra Mucha

BFA, BA, MFA Studies in Art Education | Certified Painting and Drawing Instructor | YPT Trained Merit Badge Counselor

I have loved teaching art and step-by-step instructions for many years. At a young age I wanted to learn more about art, but was too shy or worried about creating the perfect image. Today, I enjoy guiding and helping students increase their artistic confidence and habits from my friendly and secure virtual art studio. I present lessons inspired by my own playful use of line and color, while guiding others to see where their creativity will take them. Ten minutes before each Monday class begins, Elementary students are welcome to discuss art contest,(list available in thier online curriculum) based on my five consecutive years of having winning students.