"Every artist is an explorer. They should begin by seeking themselves." -Henri Matisse

  • Therapeutic Arts

    When a student is in an artistic zone of their own process, a sense of calm and peace are achieved. Students explore artful meditations such as zendalas, abstracts and more. These playful non-representational art lesson are rotated with step-by-step drawing and painting techniques.

  • Zen of Drawing

    Students are encouraged to explore their ideas, use intuition to reveal an authentic image. Open ended Step-by-Step On-Demand Drawing Lessons inspired by each season with a landscape, animal, native plant or florals. Students upload their completed sketch allowing them to proceed to the Mixed Media lesson. No drawing experience required.

  • Mixed Media Lessons

    Students Experiment with different art materials in these Step-by-Step On-Demand Videos that guide students with beginner art supplies and acrylic paints. Students upload their completed image for review. Includes Coaching Videos based on Prime Examples. May opt for Weekly progress reports provided each Sunday. No painting experience is required.

Year Round Art Lessons

Enroll Anytime to Start Building Your Artist Confidence, and the Current Course Season. Therapeutic and Fine Art Techniques. Calming 2-D Art Lessons with Mixed Media Artist, Sandra Mucha.

    1. Course Overview - Exploring Your Artistic Path (3 mins)

    2. How to Navigate this site. (3 mins)

    1. Supply List - Beginner Explorer

    2. Paint Brush Care (3 mins)

    3. Stain Removal Tips (5 mins)

    1. ✏️ ✨ Zendala - Drawing Lesson (Approx. 20 mins)

    2. 🎨 ✨Zendala - Coloring Tips (30 mins)

    3. 🖼️ ✨ Zendala - Art Share (5 mins)

    4. ✨ Visit An Art Studio

    5. 👀✨ Zendala - Artistic Voice

    1. ✏️ ❄️ Evening In Winter - Drawing Lesson (20 Mins)

    2. 🎨 ❄️ Evening In Winter - Painting Lesson (30 Mins)

    1. 👀 🐧 Inspiration Survey

    2. ✏️ 🐧 Penguins - Drawing Lesson (20 mins)

    3. 🎨 🐧 Penguins - Mixed Media Lesson (30 mins)

    1. What is Art? (5-10 Mins)

    2. Visit an Art Museum

    3. 1.5 Technique Practice: Wet into Wet (45 mins)

    4. Monthly LIVE Art Coaching Sessions

About this course

  • Weekly On-Demand Lessons Include:
  • Artful Meditations, Zen of Drawing Lessons
  • Mixed Media Lessons & Coaching Videos


  • Are previous drawing and painting lessons required?

    You only need a passion for art making. Previous art lessons are not required. You will be guided with self-paced lessons and how to use your materials with confidence. I love teaching and creating with my students from my art studio, while helping them build their art skills and knowledge.

  • When can I enroll?

    Students may join at anytime. Each lesson has an area allowing for your creation to be uploaded. There is a monthly deadline to receive feedback for uour artwork when selected as a prime example for use in the monthly coaching videos.

  • Are art supplies included?

    Supplies are not included. Explore a variety of 2-D mediums such as pastels, watercolors, and illustration with markers on cardstock or watercolor paper in our Art Explorers course. In our painting class students will need Acrylic supplies and canvas. See a complete Art Supply list with online selections available in each course.


“Our Daughter is very much enjoying your class and cannot wait for more fun artwork! She continues drawing and coloring at home too.”

My son took this Merit Badge class from Sandra and enjoyed it very much! Highly recommend! Our Scout takes a ton of online merit badges right now. This has been one of the most quality merit badges he has done!

"Our son is doing well in your class, and he is very excited about sharing with us the projects he’s worked on. He’s even shown more (than previously), interest in working on projects at home."

My daughter took Ms. Mucha's class. So good!!! Ms. Mucha was great and is a professional in the Art world, PRICELESS!

"Ms. Mucha provides a great escape virtually allowing my scout to stay on track with her professional step-by-step online course. We appreciate the weekly progress reports, and my scout really enjoyed the art appreciation and art lessons too!"


Enroll any time! On-Demand Fall, Winter, Summer, and Spring Inspired Art Lessons. Select and save with an annual one time fee, or students may choose the convenient monthly plan.

Your Instructor : Sandra Mucha

BFA, BA, MFA Studies in Art Education | Certified Therapeutic Art Coach | Certified Painting and Drawing Instructor | Trained Merit Badge Counselor

I have loved teaching art and step-by-step instructions for many years. At a young age I wanted to learn more about art, but was too shy or worried about creating the perfect image. Today, I enjoy guiding and helping students increase their artistic confidence and habits from my friendly and secure virtual art studio. I present lessons inspired by my own playful use of line and color, while guiding others to see where their creativity will take them. 10 minutes before each Monday class begins, Elementary students are welcome to discuss art contest,(list available in thier online curriculum) based on my five consecutive years of having winning students.