Art Merit Badge Drawing Bundle

Scouts receive 30-Day access to a Ms. Mucha's Secrets to Successful Painting: Drawing Lessons, while working on thier Art Merit Badge.

Start Your Adventure in Creativity:

  • Step 1.

    REQUIRED: ALL Scouts must have Scoutmaster approval to begin working on this badge.

  • Step 2.

    ENROLL: Into the Virtual Art Merit Badge Bundle and Begin on requirements 1-3.

  • Step 3.

    SUPPLY LIST: Pencil, Black Ink/felt tip pen, Watercolor set, Oil or Dry Pastels. 2 sheets of paper, 2 sheets of cardstock or watercolor paper for creating 4- 8x10 artworks.

Contact me to discuss Art Merit Badge for your Troop

I am a trained Art Merit Badge Counselor and a Certified Art Instructor, and look forward to guiding your troop on this virtual adventure in fine arts.